Thursday, June 28, 2007

Half-Man, Half-Machine: The Mind of the Future

Reality Carnival pointed me to a glimpse of the future from a Business Week article published 8 years ago. Raymond C. Kurzweil is a scary guy. "Human" machine brains are something that he thinks are inevitable, just another leap in human evolution. He may be right that this sort of thing is on the horizon. Non-technological (biological) evolution is one thing. But Kurzweil puts his evolutionary scenario on the same level, but it is fundamentally different.

But as bad as humanity can be, I don't think decisions to enhance/change the human race via internal machines should be done without serious serious discussion and debate. Who decides what? What right do "they" have to fundamentally change humanity. Where goes our freedom, self-determination? Doctrinaire determinists don't believe in that kind of stuff so it's easy for them to say "bring it on."

Can't we just leave bad enough alone?

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