Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stretch Goals

I've sought to get my military medical records for during the time I spent in the Navy. I used a very user-friendly web request yesterday and faxed a true signature verification this morning. They were very quick to respond once they received my fax, but that's only the good news. This is the bad news that they shared in an email today(verbatim):

"Thank you for submitting a request to the National Personnel Records Center.

"We have received your signature authorization for request number: (ommited for my privacy).

"The majority of these types of requests are serviced in 25 weeks or less. We regret the lengthy response time required to service your request. We service approximately 20,000 requests each week and are working earnestly and successfully at reducing our response time. Our goal is to reduce our response time on these types of requests to ten days or less.

"Thank you."

Quite a strech goal they have set for themselves, eh? And what if I was bleeding?

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