Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Illegal Alien / U.S. Unemployment Connection

MGF sent this letter to the editor of our local paper today and I wanted to share. I haven't heard any pundit make this connection before. Legislate that our able-bodied American unemployed men and women work for jobs they can do, i.e. low/no skilled labor and maybe illegal aliens will just go home because there is no work for them.

Well, let's just see now…..

We're being told that there are many, many illegal aliens here in our U.S.A. I do think the correct term is 'illegal aliens', because a) they are here illegally; and, b) they are aliens.
We should take care to avoid the term 'immigrant', because one can only qualify as a one-way
immigrant if one comes here legally and has sworn allegiance to her/his new country.

As is so often said, we are a nation of immigrants. We are not, however, a nation of aliens.
An alien, after all, is from someplace else. Nor can I stomach using Harry Reid's term ("Illegal Americans") or Diane Feinstein's term ("Good Citizens Without Citizenship"). The blatant pandering exposed in such terms is beyond shame - their cynical purpose being to not alienate the aliens. I mean, after all, if the political class can pull this off, those people might vote, for goodness sake ! To the political class, that's way more important than principle.
The estimated number of illegal aliens one hears most frequently is about 12 million - a number greater than the populations of 44 of our 50 States.


12 million is awfully close to the number of Americans now unemployed. According to the US Department of Labor, Unemployment now stands at 4.5%; and approximately 66% of the population "participates" in the Labor Force - the other 34% are too young, too old, in the military, in prison, or simply not participating. Let's connect a couple of dots that I, for one, have heard not a single politician connect… At the same time we are being told many illegal aliens are here doing work "no one wants to do", we have some millions of American citizens collecting welfare, but not doing work. Now, millions of our welfare recipients are able-bodied, but unwilling to do the only kinds of work for which they are qualified. Our welfare system helps enable such decisions. If our own citizens were to take on many of these jobs they "don't want to do", a substantial portion of the work now being done by illegal aliens would dry-up, wouldn't it ?

Of course, there is a very large fly in this ointment - that is, does the political class have the courage to require all employers to pay at least minimum wage for all of our lawn maintenance and lettuce-picking ? And, to punish them severely if they do not ? Before our political class tries yet again to foist upon us their bogus insistence that any "immigration reform" must be "comprehensive", I think we, the people, should demand that they link the reality of illegal aliens doing "the work no one wants to do" with the reality of millions of our own citizens who
"won't do the work". Seems to me we have two broken systems: Immigration and Welfare and our political class isn't fixing either one.

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