Friday, June 22, 2007

The Niqab

First off, this is sexy to me. Leaves a little something to the imagination.

But Drudge pointed me to an article about how the wearing of the niqab in London is controversial.

Some "commentators" are up in arms and say it should be banned.

I say live and let live.

It troubles me, if true, that some women began wearing it after 9/11 to show solidarity with the bad guys. They are probably a tiny tiny nutty minority.

When "secular" societies start banning religious anything, people better begin to worry about what of their faiths may be next to be banned: a crucifix or a nun's habit for a Catholic, a yarmulkas for a Jew, a turban for a Sikh, roman collars for priests, golden robes for Buddhists, Bic lighters for Zoroastrians...

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