Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Carding Old Guys

At the register, a kid clerk muttered: "ID?"
"Huh?" I said.
"ID, you know, for the beer."
It dawned. He was carding me. "You think I'm under 21?"
"Yeah, naw, I mean, it's policy."
"What's policy, to card seniors?"
"We gotta card everyone. It used to be only to 40, but over in New York someone ran a sting or something. So now they make us card everyone. No exceptions. You got ID?"
I found out later they had carded my 82-year-old stepfather, too.
So I called Price Chopper corporate and, yep, it really is Price Chopper policy. Corporate told me they're worried about litigation, about new state laws like Tennessee's that mandate universal carding for alcohol purchases. Hear the whole commentary on this here.

At 15 or 16 I became a cashier at the liquior store that my father managed. I needed to make judgements every day about the people that I thought needed to be carded to buy alcohol. Don't recall ever being "trained" how to do it either. Applied a little common sense I guess. In the 5 years or so I had that job, I don't believe I ever sold to an underage person. I might have irritated a few by asking for ID though when I thought I needed to.

So the pencil heads upstairs and in government make blanket rules now to have their cashiers card everyone just to be safe. Shows how much they trust their workers judgement and common sense.

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