Friday, November 21, 2008

The Evil Musings of a Corporate Coach

(C+ students in business school)

I have read this article and have not been able to just click away from it for a whole week.  I can't say why and I am too lazy or busy to analyze it.  So I link it here so I can let it go.  One major benefit to me was its concise and fairly accurate view or contemporary history of how "business" has lost it's moral bearings.  

I've thought for many years about the undergrad business students that existed with me in college while I was studying the highfalutin concepts of philosophy, theology, ethics and "the great books."

I have many reasons not to consider myself better than them, many, but the C+ business students are most likely running things now.   As well as the well-bred Ivy League MBA-types with little moral or spiritual or philosophical grounding. Chase after the Almighty Dollar with nary a thought about when, what, where, who, how and why.  

And these thoughts are coming from a pretty heterodox guy these days.  

The other troubling thing in the article is the complete dissolusion of trust anymore in business.  Trust is hard won and easily lost and the social compact between many many many employers and their "most important asset" (ha ha) has eroded to the level of how this country views its Congress.  

I'm in the line of work to make workplaces healthier (in the psychological sense mostly), and as a result, more effective and productive.  And look what I am up against. 

Do I view this as job security or job futility?  

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to say, job opportunity.  I'm ready for the weekend.  

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