Monday, January 17, 2011

Heads Out Of Asses Time People

The ICE businesses--information, communication, and entertainment--all rely on speed and flexibility to survive in a self-made speedy and flexible environment. Things move so fast that even a corporation--any corporation--seems too rigid and staid. You can't alter bureaucratic structure fast enough, so don't even build one to begin with.

Networks are immensely turbulent and uncertain. The prospect of constantly tearing down what is now working will make future shock seem tame. As creatures of habit we will challenge the need to undo established successes. We are sure to find exhausting the constant, fierce birthing of so much that is new. The network economy is so primed to generate self-making newness that we may experience this ceaseless tide of birth as a type of violence.

One of Kevin Kelly's New Rules that he is gracious enough to share with us idiots. 

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