Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy Blogiversary To E.

 I started this very silly labor of love for fun 5 years ago today and I still enjoy it very much.  I hope you do too.

Tell your friends.  We always want more hits don't we?

Since May Day 1986:

*   150 - 250 Page Views Per Day on average.  (Whatever that means.)  Blogger data says more, Google Analytics says way less each day.  So we'll go with Blogger.

*  "Approximately" 3237  Profile Views.

*  Average 22 posts per week over the five years

*  Over 1000 songs posted for your listening pleasure.

*  Wonderful blogging companions along the bloggy way.  See my Top 11 list. Thanks so much for your support and how much you have enriched my world with what you put up.  It's truly remarkable to be in your circle.

*  And for all of you that pop into Eclecticity on a regular basis and have chosen to keep yourselves unknown but ever-curious, many many thanks.


5 Years Worth of Post Labels:


Kurt Harden said...

Congratulations. The world is so much more eclectic with this site in it.

Thanks for keeping the fire lit.


Jetboy & My Dog Skip said...

Go Daddy-O! You Rock! Jb

Eclecticity said...

Thanks guys. Appreciate your support. E.

Ralph said...

Sorry I was late to the party! Always interesting, usually a delight. And it's been especially nice sharing music with you.

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