Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hyman Rickover v. Navy

This is a fascinating interview that aired on 60 minutes in the 80's.  I sure would like to see the video of it if possible.

Talk about a unique individual with a life spent in the arena to be sure!

ADMIRAL RICKOVER: Well, for Chrissake, what the hell is there about standing up and saluting and dressing up in uniform? You can put dummies to do that job.
SAWYER: That's why you became an engineer?
SAWYER: Naval engineer?
ADMIRAL RICKOVER: I was in the Navy and I could do more and I could learn more. I couldn't see myself just standing officer, the deck-watchers and saluting and all that nonsense.
SAWYER: But why did you really - why did you work so hard?
AD RICKOVER: I was getting paid for it.
SAWYER: No. Why did you work so -
AD RICKOVER: I would have worked hard at any job. No job I ever undertook that I didn't work hard on.
SAWYER: Why? Why did it all matter to you so much?
AD RICKOVER: Because that's what being a human being is, to do the best you can under any circumstances.
SAWYER: What is at the heart of leadership? Is it in personality? Charisma?
AD RICKOVER: No. For example, I have the charisma of a chipmunk. So what the hell difference does that make?


Rickover wiki'd. 

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