Wednesday, August 03, 2011

To Protect And Serve?

Yeah, right.  Rampaging cops in Fullerton, CA.

They were probably wearing jack boots too.  Look around.  Lots do these days.  Even security guards. 

Wonder how this will end up?

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bob said...

E-You know how this will end up. Cops will be exonerated,no one will ask them why they didn't use a taser or some other non-lethal action. After all, we need to protect/save/shelter our children from these kind of people/sex/drugs/drinking blah,blah,blah. Does the line-Every cop is a criminal and all the sinners,saints-resonate? I am,as you know a total bleeding heart liberal and unashamed of it. Perhaps it is my Catholic upbringing and all the baggage that entails. I just truly believe that the less fortunate among us need some kind of recognition and a fucking break,as Pope John said-more or less.

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