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I haven't paid much attention to all the attention given to the 10-Year Anniversary of our first 21st Century Pearl Harbor.  Most likely because I don't want to be reminded of it.  Who really does, really?  My God, it was bad as bad could be that day and most of us were nowhere close to the terror that was happening before our very eyes.  Close as it got to me personally was that my wife at the time worked in one of those towers in the mid-80s. I visited her there occasionally, so it was weird to think that the WTC was no longer; wiped out in one single day when before it was an amazingly vibrant place to work and shop and experience.  It was unfathomable.  I heard one first person account from a friend that worked downtown about his experience of that day.  I have a cousin that flew out of Boston as an American Airlines flight attendant.  Mercifully she was not on the plane.  But her friends were.  And so it goes...

But I share with you some random thoughts about things since:

*  It is tragic that we are still at war in Afghanistan after 10 years that started when we went in to avenge ourselves for the attack that day.  As we used to say in the Navy:  "What The Fuck, Over?"  And it's one two three what are we fighting for?  Don't ask me I don't give a damn...

*  As a result of the attacks I think there are many yahoos that have taken the opportunity to compromise and subvert basic freedoms of all American citizens for presumed national security.  The Patriot Act, which I don't even pretend to know the details, was hastily passed and has been renewed ever since.  And many of it's provisions certainly push the boundaries and probably overstep the boundaries of our rights supposedly protected by the U.S. Constitution. Most of us don't feel their effect, and hopefully we never will, but we may someday, all under the guise of our security.  You may find these interesting: 1)  They're watching you at the Mall of America.   2) Mall of America Visitors Unknowingly End Up in Counter Terrorism Reports 3) Security v. Privacy, Ten Years Later

*  I hope that the billions and billions and billions and billions upon billions that the U.S. has spent in black box programs and intelligence to thwart similar attacks has a positive return for us as a country and will not be turned around and used against us.  We can probably never know what this "investment" has done for us, if anything.  And most people involved with it are just fine, just fine, with that.  Yahoos abound.

One argument that I've heard that may lend credence to the opinion that all this money is not really helping is the big big deal that the government makes about every little bust they make on prospective terror attacks. If they were cracking down on really big fish, they would probably make a big to do about that also, but they haven't.  Yeah, who knows the big plots that are being broken up?  Maybe none. But we will never know and shouldn't know, should we?  And most people involved with it are just fine, just fine, with that.

*  And then there is Iraq.  Trillion + Billions spent.  We got the bad guys pretty quickly, yes.  We're wrapping things up after several years.  Count on things going to shit when we are mostly really gone.  Gee that was worth it wasn't it?  Our boys and women always seem to be "fighting and dying for our freedom" somewhere, even if they are not really, if you care to connect the dots.  They are fighting and dying for certain, but for our freedom?  Tangentially at best.  Mostly though, I say my freedom or lack thereof in the past 10 years has not been affected one lick by the wars "we" have been fighting.  And you?

*  Don't take this as not "Supporting" the troops.  I support them. But the best thing for the troops is to rally to bring them back home to their family and their country now.

*  Then there is my frustration about the "Security Theater" that has taken place at airports across this country since the attacks.  Yes, we had to do something.  But profiling the likely bad guys has not been politically correct.  Not by a long shot.  So we don't.  And then the middle american granny gets the full treatment pat down since she's one of every lucky 8th passenger in line today.  And we are supposed to take this kind of thing seriously.  You betcha we are, if we want to fly.  If we don't want to be pulled aside and really be questioned.  Freedom loving people have had to put up with all this and not dare complain so we can get to where we want to go and not be put on some troublemaker list (or worse list.)   Never thought I would see something so Soviet-like (so we heard) in the U.S.  But we must take it all in stride for our security and safety.

*  Each one of my points above was not written with this in mind, but I will mention it here:  THE COUNTRY IS BROKE.  Gee, wonder why?

These thoughts are random and mine alone and I'm not looking for an argument against them or agreement, but things haven't been the same since that fateful day 10 years ago.  I remember hearing that very prediction on 9.11 and they were right.

But Troubadours are still in our midst, sorting out our feelings.  Sharing poetically the experience.  And Bruce Springsteen did it masterfully.  Both of these are from The Rising, released, Jul 30, 2002.  

Ignore everything above that I have vented out if you'd like, but don't ignore a listen to these songs.  

Never forget.  Always remember.  

 Into The Fire
MP3 File

  You're Missing
MP3 File

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