Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ben Coyle

Cdr. Bob Coyle was a shipmate of mine at the Navy Air Logistics Office in New Orleans.  A prince of a man -  kind, cool, friendly, real, fun, hard-charging, sincere, a great dad and husband... I could go on and on.  We shared a common love of good music, that's for sure.  And he lived down the street from us for a couple of years.  He, his wife Sandy and their four kids, Ben, Marty, Betsy and Patrick.   Young Ben was probably about 9 or 10 back in those days. Well anyway.  The Navy took them away, and I got out.  Bob posted this on his Facebook page a couple of weeks ago:

Young Ben is flying front seat on the plane in the foreground.

Zowie is all I can say.  Go Navy.  Go Ben.  Go Coyle's.

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