Wednesday, December 14, 2011

I'm putting the ol' and familiar blog on hiatus for at least a few months.  Need to focus on real life.  Me, her, family, health, job(s), the new business, other important things.  I will return with a vengeance E.ventually.
Be well non-readers and waste time dig into my archives if you just can't make it without E.   


Jim said...

Thank you so much for a very fine series of posts. You have given me hours of thought-provoking entertainment.

Good luck with your refocus and Merry Christmas.

Michael Wade said...

We all will be eagerly awaiting your return.

Take care.


Jim Stroup said...

We'll all be holding you to the timeline - you'll be hearing from us if you miss it.

This has long been one of my select daily reads, and will be sorely missed for the diverse and wonderfully surprising sources of insight you always provide.

Will be very eager to see your return!

splendid said...

hope to see you sooner than later

Anna Smith said...

We all will be E.agerly awaiting your return. - ditto

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