Friday, December 09, 2011

Noonan on Newt

Never mind, Google had it.  

Noonan on Newt

I could have labeled this post with the following from my post labels and it would all be true about the Newtster:

America The Beautiful, Big Question Mark, Bookie, Brilliant, Call Me Skeptical, Creative Capitalism, Certifiable, Dictators, Disturbing, E's Guide to the Dog and Pony Show, God Bless America, Grandiosity, Gub'ment, History, I Could Give a Rat's Ass, Inspiration, Leadership / Business Related, Our Sad Future, Outrageous, Politics, Science, Techie Stuff, Sex, True Talent, Whatever, You Can't Control Stupidity, WTF?

Noonan's article captures the more than perplexing reality of Newton Gingrich.

True story.  My first boss in Augusta grew up in Columbus, GA as did Speaker Gingrich.   He brought in his high school yearbook so we could see Newton's photograph in all his high school glory.  Those glasses!  I wish I would have copied the page.

Why the hell didn't I?

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