Saturday, December 10, 2011

There's No Better Joy...

          Very happy to get a Beatles Poster.  Ronnie is a true fan. 
 And a believer in the man himself.  

There's not a day goes by that Johnny doesn't ask me to make a CD for him.  Righteous Brothers is his latest request. 

 Laura is big into Chicago these days and has sworn off heavy metal for now.  She got Chicago VII this year.
 Mama Wink with Ed.  He just returned to the Club after a hiatus with a broken tail bone.  
 Tilman wanted pants this year.  One of the sweetest men alive.  
 Wally always wants a wallet or a watch.  He got a wallet and this t-shirt this year which happens to match what Ronnie wore to the party.  
 The great woman who did so much to make this party happen.  She is like no other in the size of her heart.  
Wink with Jedd. He's all about "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and enjoyed his book by him and a DVD of Stone Cold wrestling Hulk Hogan.  Historic I tell ya.  

than hanging with my Joy Club.

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