Thursday, March 08, 2012

As A Music Fan What Would You Do?

If you were made aware that there is a young musical phenomenon that possesses the raw talent and charisma to be a modern day equivalent to Louis Armstrong, what would you do?

I suspect you would want to know more.  You would want to hear him (and his band - which he clearly leads) and see for yourself.  You'd want to see them live.  You'd buy their albums.  You'd tell your friends.

Then someday you might be able to say, "I was listening to Shorty when he was just starting out. In fact I saw him and Orleans Avenue in ..."

JetBoy shares some of Shorty's SupaFunkRock here.  He used to see Shorty on the streets of N.O. just like the picture above.  Now we pay to see Shorty and the boys.

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