Thursday, March 08, 2012

I was Beflummoxomited

I know that's not a word but that's what I was, or words to that effect.

I work to make top-notch helpful and useful content available to managers that attend the development that I do. Always have and always will.  I have options on my class evaluation sheets that offer "Great" and "World-Class." People extremely rarely will say that what I do with them was "Alright," (another option along with "Poor" and "Terrible").Mostly they evaluate the learning as "Great" and somewhat less often, "World-Class."

So I'm in class yesterday just about to start "Balanced Disagreements" and in walks the CEO. No registration required for this kind of stuff.   We have a pretty good rapport. We are actually close to the same age .  The class goes well.  He participates along with the rest of them.

As he left he said enjoyed it, great job and all that.  He evaluated the hour as World-Class.  He commented that it was the best hour he had spent all week.  That's got to make a guy feel good, no matter how freak'n jaded I am anymore. Oh and I'm jaded people.

 Today I send said CEO an email along with some stuff I promised him from the class.  I wrote:

In my over 17 years of leadership development in health care, not one CEO ever attended a basic class offering as a participant .  Only 1 VP level in my entire career. Maybe with that track record it is too much to say that my faith was restored.  Let's just say I was happy to see you and glad you enjoyed it.  ***** and I felt supported.  

He quickly responded from his i-Phone:

It was my privilege. You did a great job. My hunch is that you will see others start to attend. Keep up the good work. 

Not a bad day's work yesterday, I guess.

(If you think that I might be able to help you or your organization develop excellent managers why don't you start with visiting my other website and make contact with E.   A trusted partnership can begin with our first conversation.)

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Jetboy & My Dog Skip said...

D2E, your moment, enjoy it, an exec at baseline training, unheard of, why - because it takes effort to see the light...

Rock, Jb

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