Friday, March 09, 2012

"We Are Philosophers"

Enlightenment Philosophers.  Look how far we have come.  Yeah buddy.  

Completely and hopelessly morally bankrupt on the fundamentals of right and wrong, but philosopher's nonetheless.

Here's their story on "after birth abortions."  Don't dare call it infanticide.  We don't want to give people the wrong impression.

I don't think they went into the details of how and who would off these babies - but I can throw a few ideas out there, can't I?:   Strangulation, a little shot of something that won't hurt them a bit, leave them outside for a night is all it would take, deny the little runts food and water for the very short time needed, there is always the dog food and cat food route for the by-products of the practice (donate to the animal shelters?), or how about a little tenderness on the barbie for those with the stomach for it?  By-product again.  Sort of like veal.  Or just leave them for the Dingos?  

The outrageous article, not meant for us, the great unwashed non-ethicists, seems to have disappeared from the link provided in the article.

Editors are pondering, "what do we do now?"

An ethical dilemma of another sort I suppose.  

By the way, don't stoop to call these professors "insane."  They are nowhere close to being insane.  They are trained.  And that perhaps should make us all ponder this whole thing a little more.

Last thought: these two Einstein's need to get real jobs.  And those like them.

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