Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gov. "Smear" Branstad of Iowa

I counted 8 times that he said "smear" or a variant of it during this short interview as he defends "lean finely textured beef."   On message.  Check.  

Enjoy cowboys and cowgirls.

A fine meat professional who happens to be a dear friends did not think much of pink slime, but didn't put it in his ground beef or buy it either.  There were no red flags flown that it wasn't safe, just unseemly, if food could be described that way.  

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Kurt Harden said...

Food can absolutely be described that way. "Unseemly" is it. Just because it isn't horrible or toxic or bad for you, doesn't mean it should be used. The test ought to be what I think you are suggesting. Would your meat professional put it in his meat? "Unseemly".

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