Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Little Ones

There are individuals who would remain poor no matter what opportunities were available to them.  Some are alcholics, some are in poor health, some have always had low-paying jobs, some have more children than they can support, some aren't very intelligent or otherwise gifted.  There will always be people at the bottom of the economic ladder for any number of reasons, but society can at least try to feed and educate the children.  There is always hope for them.  Jesus had some harsh words for those who offend the little ones.  For the majority, however, poverty can be alleviated through better medical care, better nutrition, better education and job opportunities.

It is apparent also that little progress can be made without general economic prosperity, for even in good times, special help is needed by the aged, the displaced and disabled and children in broken homes.  An as someone has said, "It costs more to be poor nowadays."

Roscoe Riley
Jesus and the Poor, a sermon preached on January 17, 1971

If nothing else, people should be helping, in whatever way we can, "the little ones."
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