Thursday, April 12, 2012

An Update From France

That country is looking at presidential elections this year too.  I heard this on the radio and thought worth sharing:

The extreme left and extreme right have both gained traction due to the economic crisis. But neither candidate looks strong enough to make it to France’s second round of voting in May. That would likely leave Sarkozy and Hollande in a run-off, and polls suggest Hollande would win — as long as the economy remains the main issue.
On the streets of Paris, guys like this business manager Jean-Michel Soriano give the impression that the economy will, in fact, dominate the race.
“You know what France’s problem is?” Soriano said. “I’ll tell you. It’s our vacations in October, Christmas, February, and April; our long weekends, our 35-hour work week; the fact that 80 percent of the French want to be civil servants.”
The Chinese work day and night and we just want more vacation time, he added. “We’re hiding our heads in the sand.”

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