Sunday, May 20, 2012

A Cool Interview...

With the Beach Boys in April 2012 - New Orleans

When asked for his high school yearbook what he thought he’d be doing in five years, Jeffrey Foskett wrote: “I’ll either be playing in the Beach Boys or the Beatles.”

So on his 20th birthday, two years after his high school graduation, the young musician walked up to the front door of Brian Wilson’s house — that Brian Wilson, the one of Beach Boys fame — knocked on the door and asked to see Brian.


“It’s been an interesting ride,” said Foskett. “People say they’re big Beach Boys fans and I’m sure they are. But I was a huge, huge, huge Beach Boys fan.”

Ya think?

With Jeffrey Foskett of the Beach Boys.  


Another really good interview with Foskett.  For those that share a certain obsession.


bob said...

Gonna see them May 25th.Holding my breath. Hoping Mike Love catches a bug and can't make it

Eclecticity said...

Enjoy! You gotta have a little creepiness. He'll supply. Hope BW is a little happier at your show. He appeared stoic and down at mine.

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