Friday, June 01, 2012

The Cure All...

won't cure much.

Totalitarianism as a Cure-All

Money shot:

Adults make their own decisions. I don't care a whit what other people do. The main thing that bothers me, socio-politically, are those who have somehow concluded that they are my betters and believe that they have a better plan for my - and for your - life. Such people often gravitate to government careers where there is some power to be wielded. We used to term such people "cranks," but cranks have gone mainstream.

Desire for power over others is almost a sickness, or is a sort of sickness (except for parenthood). The desire for freedom for others is, I believe, a virtue. (In case you wonder, I am against the criminalization of drug use despite believing that it is a poor life plan.)

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