Friday, June 15, 2012

How's This Strike You Basic Americans Out There?

Adelson has said he might spend as much as $100 million on this election.

And he can.  

Story here. 

It's just a free speech issue, that's all.  That's what our Supreme's said a few years ago, so it must be true. 

Go head on and tell your kids and other people that voting really matters.  

Alternatively we could all get a clue.  


Kurt Harden said...

How does such a donation take any power away from my vote?

What takes away from my vote is districts in Chicago and D.C. having voter turnouts of 119%

Eclecticity said...

IMHO, voting doesn't matter on a national level, and most assuredly not for the president.

No matter whom anyone voted for president over that last 35 years or so, we, as a country, are where we are. Do I need to mention that we are broke?

So how did my vote, or anyone else's, matter?

You could probably say the same thing about votes for Congresspeople too.

Voting is a wonderful way to pretend, every couple of years, that what I think really matters and who I want really matters. That "I can make a difference."

No "I" can't. And neither can you by your vote.

Feels good though. Feels American. Baseball, Apple Pie, Motherhood, and The Vote. Fits right in.

The Empire allows it for now because it seems to be harmless.

Voting locally, I am sure still has value. Else I wouldn't have supported your latest bid for the school board.

Kurt Harden said...

They still count. Sorry you don't think so.

Eclecticity said...

No they don't. Sorry you still think so.

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