Sunday, June 17, 2012

Spencer Paul Fine

I have a Dad who worked his ass off for his family. At work lots of the time to support us, but never too busy to show up at our practices, take his daughters to dances, come to our games, put us all through 12 years of Catholic schools, travel to SF to see games and hippies, buy everyone pizza after basketball games, take mom to Tahoe twice a year for their sanity, give his time at the church "Bingo, Bingo, Bingo, every Wednesday night!," take us on vacations, go see my teachers when I was fucking off, home for family dinner almost every night... Actions speak louder than words. And though we might have wanted to hear an "I love you" from him once in awhile, that's not how he was rigged. But we know you do Dad. You lived your love for us and for that we are truly grateful. To have lived a life where we have never been hungry a day, because YOU provided for us ---- all NINE of us, is amazing on the face of it. Love you Pop. 

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