Sunday, July 15, 2012

Eclecticity- Soul Chord

 Featuring The Peoples' Choir.

There is a little serendipitous story to this post and I will quickly relay it here.

I find that there is a band out in Washington State called Eclecticity.

I find that the drummer of the band is a young man named Christian Casolary.

Without too much of a leap, and a little internet help, I find that Christian is the son of Richard Casolary.

Richard Casolary and I went to 12 years of school together in San Jose California.  Both St. Leo's School and Archbishop Mitty High School.

Richard was a great drummer as a young man himself.

Richard and I were actually in a little band known as "Happy Youth."  He drummed.  We had a couple of guitars and I got to sing, such as it was.  Grade 6 as I recall.

So my blog and Richard's son's band have the same name.

I spoke to Christian last week and he is a fine young man.

And his father is a prince of a person too.

They are about to release their second album, which includes Soul Chord and could use, dear non-readers, your support.

Do it for E.   Do it for the band, Eclecticity.

Please pledge to support the band.  Anything will help.  Can Eclecticity the blog, put Eclecticity the band over their goal?  Let's do!  46 hours remaining.


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