Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rob Reid's Year Zero

A review by yours trulE.:

Don’t think, just tell me what decade comes to mind when you hear the names “Frampton” and “Carly?”  And then there was the TV show, Welcome Back Kotter.  So have you jumped there in your mind?

Were you aware that a time in that decade became “Year Zero” in the rest of the Cosmos? And yes, there are beings out there that all agreed because something amazing and marvelous occurred back then.  Human music was experienced for the first time and since it was that significant, that amazing, that pleasure-inducing, the calendar of the Cosmos needed resetting.  Sort of like the BC and AD setup on Earth. 

That is the situation into which Rob Reid in Year Zero puts his readers.  Music, if you could call it that, was actually painful to hear for every being in every galaxy before Earth Tunes found their way (way way way) out there.  And did I mention that every Refined Being (we’re talking Trillions upon Trillions of RBs out there) has a copy of every song ever produced on earth since that magic decade of Kotter, and Carly and Frampton?  I think all those songs are implanted in them for easy access.  See, things are way more advanced for everyone else out there.  Isn’t that cool? 

Well not so fast.  Due to Refined Beings being so advanced, they would never disregard any other civilization’s laws.  If fact, being Refined, they would adhere to them scrupulously.  And that is the rub… the entire known Cosmos is now indebted to  this not-yet-Refined Earth because of our current copy write laws which calls for a $150,000 fine for every illegal copy of every song ever taken from Spaceship Earth.  That number cannot be fathomed, but let it suffice that the Earth now “owns” the rest of the everything out there due to the violations and every civilization out there is pitifully bankrupt.  This is a windfall for every human in the $6-10 billion range.  (Except for the poor saps in North Korea.) Not bad eh?  

But some out there are not having it. For them the solution is simple.  Just destroy the earth and the debt goes away in a blaze of earth dust.  For others, because of RB’s high morals, that solution is just not right.  But how to stop it?

This review must come to an end, but I strongly recommend Year Zero.  It is rollicking good fun.  Rob Reid’s writing provides at least three smiles and one laugh per page.  At least.  It is contemporary, hip sci-fi, musically astute (Mr. Reid started the online music service Rhapsody), very funny and smart and the characters’ playlists provided at the book’s end are perfectly fitting. Wonderful characters, alien and human, by the way, throughout.  

Note:  Mr. Reid contacted me and asked if I would be willing to review Year Zero.  He must have stumbled upon this and thought I must be smart or something by putting up his TED talk.  Fooled him. As a non-reviewer I can't do him or his book justice but I was flattered and enjoyed the book and the challenge.  E.

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