Friday, August 24, 2012


The following two posts share two emails.  Don't want to go into great detail about basically a local issue, but a megalomaniac of a college president wanted a silly stupid name for a new entity that was combining two historical Georgia learning institutions, Augusta State University and The Medical College of Georgia.

The University Board of Regents and the college president were elated in inflicting the name "Georgia Regents University" on Augusta.  Inspiring ain't it?  There was outrage.  95% of everybody hates the name.  The name sucks and it was as popular as a turd in a punch bowl.  People wanted "Augusta" in any new name, period.

The Powerful Politicians and Azziz himself were thinking it was all going to blow over, but it hasn't.  He basically said Tough Titties, Put Up and Shut Up about his new name and about him.  Augusta's mayor went limp and I call him Meek Weak Deke now.

Ed Turner and Number 9, of whom I am a huge fan, gave a concert two weeks ago and Ed spoke his feeling about the name change.  It was evident that he was pissed and had a couple of poignant slides that poked fun at the issue and the people involved.

That's all you need to know to understand the context of the communication between Ed Turner and the Chipster.

Is there any wonder that Ed Turner was inducted into my Cool Hall of Fame in August of 2012.

Rock and Roll is here to stay.  Don't mess with a humble rocker named Ed Turner.

I personally think Azziz is on the ropes and has to go.  He is an amazingly arrogant fella, and he is responsible for this shitstorm. It's been a public relations nightmare and he's in charge.  He needs to go.

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