Friday, August 24, 2012

"Chip's" Letter To Ed

From: Chip Lowe 
To: Ed Turner
 Subject: 2012 Concert For Kids

Good Morning Ed,

We do have a very serious problem that has arisen from the concert; something that may extremely jeopardize any success of future concerts. Your outrage and slideshow associated with the naming of the merged universities, the slamming of Dr. Azziz...(etc.)

Ed, this concert was developed to be an event for you and your band to entertain the patrons who so willingly spent their money to not only enjoy the musical entertainment you provide, but to also help us help the kids. This event was never to be a political platform for anyone. Everyone has a right to his/her opinion but not in a public spotlight of this type.

The Board of Directors of the Columbia County Exchange Club is in the process of sending a letter of apology and  explanation to (those concerned), in addition to other sponsors who were offended by your presentation. We strongly suggest you do the same to try and help save future concerts.

I would appreciate your response as soon as possible.


William H. “Chip” Lowe, III, President
Columbia County Exchange Club

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