Sunday, August 12, 2012

How Will The Madness Stop?

Kurt Harden provides the money shot (pun intended) of a recent article by Mark Steyn.  If our country were to ever get its fiscal house in order, think of the pain involved for all.

So alternatively to the empty suit that occupies the White House now, what plan will R&R offer up to us that will begin to dig us out of this total goat rope they have tied us with?  Who wants to serve up a future of necessary pain (read heavy duty austerity) when during election time we love, and always have, to hear about the chicken in every pot?  Payback is a bitch.

I've already heard Romney say that he won't touch the military.  That inspires confidence in me.  Not.

War is the racket.
Welfare is the racket.
Healthcare will be the racket.
College loans are a racket.
Banks are the racket.
Wall Street is a racket.
Tax hikes are a racket.
Tax cuts are a racket.
Washington D.C. is a racket

Sorry.  But I have abandoned most hope.

Let it all fall, let it all fall, let it all fall down.  Pain is a 'coming.

  James Taylor, Let It All Fall Down, from Walking Man, 1974.
MP3 File

There'll be suffering and starvationIn the streets young manJust where have you been, old manJust look out of your window, man


Well, it ain't nobody's fault but our ownStill, at least we might could show the good senseTo know when we've been wrongAnd it's already taken too longSo we bring it to a stopThen we take it from the topWe let it settle on down softlyLike your gently falling snowOr let it tumble down and toppleLike the temple long ago

Say your prayers this Sunday, will ya?

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Jeff said...

I'm with you - there are no good choices from either side of the aisle. This is going to get uglier as we get closer to November... - J.

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