Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ponderosa - The Nile

From their new release, Pool Party, 2012.

MP3 File

From an review:

Imagine Band of Horses and Panda Bear collided whilst riding bicycles in the dark right after both tried surfing for the very first time, but on completely different beaches. The ambulance is driven by Fleet Foxes.

Joking aside, some great original music from this group.

Strong songs with an unabashed veneer of sonic experimentation. Strong vocalists. Wonderful musicians. Inspired production. Repeated listens are rewarding.

Hunt down some live performances on Youtube, these guys are the real deal.

True dat.

Their second album took it in a completely different direction from their first, and that one was really good too.  

I'm gonna investigate me some Panda Bear 'cause the other two bands he mentioned are bona fide to E. already.  

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