Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Where I'm From

I might, for the rest of my life, start saying that I'm from "Califormer."  My father, and his father before him, were born and raised in a very different place.  A very different time yes, but a very different place.  And me too.  I left "for good," though not knowing it at the time, in 1984.  It turned out to be for good in both senses of the words "for good."  I never moved back but I so enjoy my visits there.  Many of my family are still there.  High School friends that I might still hang with, were I there.  College friends.  My dad's still there. Mom and Granny and Granddad are all buried there.  Some of my brother's ashes are now in Disneyland.  He loved it so much.

You know the saying:  "What happens in California, eventually happens in the rest of the country."

Please God, no.

A quick survey of Califormer's great goat rope of a predicament by VDH.  He must be sad a lot.  A lot of natives must be.

HT:  Our Execupundit

Bonus Information:

California continues to rank among states least friendly to small business.

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