Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jerry Coleman Honored In San Diego Today

I don't know how a first cousin of my father's is referred to (probably called a first cousin of my father's) but I am mighty proud to be in any way related to Jerry Coleman.  Jerry's mom was my Granny's sister, "Aunt Pearl."  What a mensch!

Dan, Bob, and I were in high school and we went to a Padre's game together one summer down there visiting Bob.   My dad told me that Jerry was up in the broadcast booth covering the game on radio for the Pads by that time.  I wrote a note to a security guard and he took it up to Jerry.  Said I was Spence Fine's kid and wanted to say hello.  A while later someone from the team had the three of us escorted up to meet the man. He was gracious, friendly to us kids and it was a kick.  I'll have to confirm with my Pop but I think he borrowed Jerry's car to take my mom out on their first double date together in San Jose.  Yes, the Colonel hails from there too.  

Congratulations Jerry.

Hey Bob, can you get me a  "homemade" picture of the statue when you are in the neighborhood?  It will deserve framing and a prominent place for me.

But wait, there's more!

There she is.


Awesome cuz!

 Jerry, knew when to keep his mouth shut.  Not too many do anymore.

In need of a regular guy hero?

Coleman wiki'd.


bob said...

And he called Tony Gwynn's 3000th hit--"a star for the ages Tony Gwynn"--great call-great San Diego institution

Eclecticity said...

So you'll go out there with a camera? I promised Spence a good shot. You won't let us down. E.

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