Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Ken Carbone


bob said...

You know what I might consider if I was the Prez? Bring the Mittster on as Secretary of the Treasury. Good idea,bad idea? It wouldn't really hurt either one politically and it might send a signal that it is time to go forward and work together.

Eclecticity said...

Well we do have a precedent of SecTres' that don't pay taxes, so that might just work.

I think that would be a fine signal to sent, but what to do with Timmy G.?

Oh that is easy, POTUS has many friends at Goldman Sachs, like all our recent presidents have, so that should work out OK too.

Thanks, as always, Bob for your cogent suggestions and comments You are a valued visitor to this blog and practically my sole commentator so that makes you even more special. E.

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