Tuesday, November 06, 2012

It's President Obama

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E. is calling the election before ABC, CNN, CBS, FOX News, NBC, C-SPAN, MTV, and EIEIO.

"Four More Years" whether you wanted them or not.

And as that Simple Village Undertaker put it awhile ago, "…ultimately, the sun will rise tomorrow morning and either way, roughly half of the country will think a sinister tyrant will occupy the White House for the next four years."

And Mitt's career as presidential candidate came to a screeching halt this day.  

Wasn't it hard-ball tough-guy Karl Rove who talked about the "permanent Republican majority" during the "W" years?

I think that this is the swan song of the Repubs.  If they couldn't do it this year, doing it in 4, or in 4 or in 4, looks to me to be very highly unlikely, with the major change in U.S. demographics happening right now.  

I just overheard someone on the idiot box call it "the changing nature of the country."  "Less white and younger."

Night night.  

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