Saturday, November 03, 2012

Vote For This Guy?

Vote For This Guy?    Go head on.

It's not the topics covered here, ok maybe a little, the apocolyptic notions, etc.

More it his hyped up disposition.  How he handles heat. It would appear that he has a very short fuse when it comes to "important" things.

Be aware.  Be very aware.  Beware.

Or at least, a little unsettled?

For the record.  The other guy is incompetent and a very empty leftist suit.

This guy is a too-full righteous suit.

1 comment:

bob said...

Did you quote Loggins and Messina? I'm kind of suprised that these guys don't blow up more often--long days,interviewers trying to lay traps for you. I think Mitt gets a pass on this one. I think there were other areas the guy could have pressed him on. It would be like asking the pope about abortion,you know the answer,so whats the point. I would have asked him where in Missouri things were going to go down so I might scoop up a little real estate in the area. Unless Mitt me to it. And his shirt was very crisply pressed. Point taken on his over heated reaction,though

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