Thursday, December 20, 2012

Child Protection - The Solution

A College Roomate, sum Economist, sum Entrepreneur, sum rabid SF Giants fan, and one hell of an American, has been thinking about how to protect the little ones:

Dedicated UAVs (Drones) flying high above each student, armed with mini-Hellfire air-to-surface missiles, enabling students to personally take out threats of any kind.  Psychopaths, Teachers, fellow students,  babysitters, recalcitrant siblings, purveyors of tasteless school cafeteria lunches,  you name it.  In the Game of Life, we’re all downrange.

Admittedly there are some bullying and air traffic control issues to be worked out, but the idea has merit.

Time to run it by Congress?

A Jesuit-inspired Great Books Education strikes again!      


Robert read The Economist weekly when in college and probably still does.  He does not suffer fools, though he makes an exception with me.  And he's funny as hell.  

There could be some guest blogging in his future.  How about it Bogusk? 

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