Saturday, December 08, 2012

The Governor of Rhode Island

One of the famed Chafee Brahmini steps in it again during the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

All I can say is schleadership to that.

He's following an apparent new "tradition" in the RI statehouse, not the one handed down to us from the pagans (The Yule Tree) and baptized by the Christians some time down the line.

Get this:

“I’m just taking the same program that previous governors have done before me, nothing different," said Chafee. "If you have a question, ask the previous governors."  

This is the last time I'll ever blog on this stupid controversy that rears its silly head every year around this time.  You know... this time... what do we call this time...?

Addendum:  I don't think one of our great Founders of our great "Christian Nation" used the word "Christ" in his version of the Bible.

Oops.  Mr. Jefferson left the entire Christmas story out.  

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