Thursday, December 27, 2012

Typical Washington

So it appears that if "we" fall off the fiscal cliff, "we" in short order, will be able to climb back up the cliff after we fall?

Story here.

Money shot:

Without congressional action, current tax rates will expire on Dec. 31, resulting in a $536 billion tax increase that would touch nearly all Americans. Moreover, the military and other federal departments would have to cut $110 billion in spending.  (This is the "fiscal cliff."  E.)  
But while economists have warned about the economic impact of tax hikes and spending cuts of that magnitude, both sides are increasingly proceeding as if Congress could still act in January in time to retroactively counter the effect on most taxpayers and government agencies without causing economic harm.
Here's how E. sees it.  
a)  They couldn't get "it" done
b)  so they put the fiscal cliff in place to do it for them if they couldn't get "it" done
c)  they still couldn't get "it" done
d) We all fall off the fiscal cliff along with "it"
e) they will supposedly get something done in January towards "it" in time to retroactively counter the effect of the fiscal cliff that they put in place in case they couldn't get "it" done in the first place.  
And we will be where then?  
Leadership Schpleadership is kicking the can farther down the road for our children and grandchildren rather than doing the hard things now.  
See you at the bottom.  

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