Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Well Said Jim Bridges

I am a Christian. I am also a professional theologian. I have read numerous posts and “news” articles in recent days about the massacre in Newtown. Almost every reasonable person is made sick by the event. Almost every reasonable person is also sickened when reading that Westboro Baptist Church out of Topeka threatens once again to picket in Newtown, celebrating a God who is exercising His judgment against this country for its perceived sins. And yet, there are many other Christians (like Mike Huckabee and Pat Robertson and even some of my own FB friends) who give expression to an equally flawed view of God. God is said to have allowed (or at least not prevented) this massacre because we as a nation have barred state sponsored prayer in our public schools, or in other ways, have allowed God’s importance to seemingly recede in our culture. People who say this are projecting their own human narrowness and vindictiveness on the Almighty. This is the classic definition of blasphemy. Their God is so petty that he responds to a public policy decision with a hands off policy towards a homicidal maniac. It is only the offensive language that Westboro Baptist Church uses that distinguishes their view from that of Huckabee, et al. My God is not a co-conspirator in the murder of children and their teachers. Don’t insult Him by making Him one.

Jim Bridges

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