Friday, January 25, 2013

American Schizophrenia

American Schizophrenia

Guns are a curious fracture line: As a nation, America is way and gone the most militarily aggressive country on the planet, as note Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Mali, Mexico, Columbia, Somalia, and so on. The economy is militarized beyond redemption. Yet if a little boy draws a picture of a soldier with a rifle, or a little girl points a gun blowing soap bubbles at a friend, they are likely to be led from school in handcuffs and subjected to psychiatry. Diversity.

Poignantly described by our man in Mexico, Fred Reed.

Along with other thoughts on "Diversity."


Dan in Philly said...

It's not at all strange. Those who wish to change the American culture have long since figured out that you cannot change anyone's mind about anything, you can only indoctrinate the young to believe what you wish them to believe and then wait for them to grow up and replace the existing generation. They hope to drill it into the heads of the young that guns are bad, and anyone associated with them are evil.

Since those with the greatest interest in influencing the young are drawn to professions where they can do so, it's almost inevitable they will succeed (as they have with smoking, racism, sexual identity, and many other issues). While the conservatives and NRA focus on winning the public arguments, the liberals and statists are focused on winning the war, one child at a time.

Eclecticity said...

Dan in Philly, thanks for dropping by and commenting. E.

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