Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Another Gift From Amazon To Me ...

and you.

This company keeps on giving away free stuff to me.

The latest, to me anyway, is AutoRip.  Learned about this just this morning.

Every CD that I have ever purchased from has been ripped to MP3s and automatically put in my amazon cloud player.  Used CDs purchased through amazon are not included.

I just checked.  Every song from every CD I've ever purchased  from amazon since 1998 is now in my amazon cloud player and available to play from my PC, my Kindle, my Droid.  Over 600 songs appeared without me having to do anything.  They are there and they did it for me.  No charge.

Big deal.  Well yes.  Something to be quite happy about actually.  Stoked even.

Since I am a music freak I, over the years, have purchased many CDs for friends as gifts.  All the songs from those albums are now in my cloud player.  My gift to someone else just recently became a gift to me from amazon.

What will they do for me next?

You may want to check your own cloud player and enjoy the "free" music ripped for you.

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