Friday, January 18, 2013

Fred On Everything

E. and She, May, 2008.

This time on How To Marry A Third World Woman.

I got lucky. My divorce was overall extremely amicable. My son's mom knew that he was so important to me and, probably even more, I was hugely important to him.  We agreed to joint custody.  It would have been 28 years tomorrow.

As to who I married next:  She is beautiful, girly, has no chip, likes men and likes me, not a nagger, a great mother, has no interest in changing me (good luck with that anyway), smart, creative, a working homebody, puts up with my few foibles, reasonable (95% of the time), encouraging, thanks me for even the little little things I do, trusting, sexy, loves my son, has a heart of gold, fun to be around... I could go on...

Again, I got lucky.  Or blessed.  I'll say both.

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