Saturday, January 12, 2013

In 10 Words Or Less...

E.'s Lucky 13:

A Simple Village Undertaker:  Creative, Heartfelt, Solid, Friendly, Generous, Serious, Pro-Dead People.

Gerard Vlemmings - The Presurfer - He surfs the Web so you don't have to.

Jeff Kopito - View From The Ledge - Literary.  Lots of Head and Heart. Books still have life.

Jet Boy and My Dog Skip - Rocks free world with frequent emanations from his LA roots. 

Jim Stroup - Managing Leadership - Brilliant leadership blogger who does not blog enough.  

Kurt Harden - Cultural Offering - Home, family, work, business, music, fun, all in proper place.  

Michael Wade - Execupundit - Godfather of great bloggers.  Want to sit at his feet.  

Nicholas Bate - I'd carry his bags anywhere. Exponential brilliance. Lives life prolifically.  

Rowan Manahan - Rock star in all things career and presenting.  Speaks too!

Scott Blitstein - Sensory Dispensary - Whatever can be sensed can be explored.  Too infrequently though.

Sippican Cottage - Frighteningly smart. Exponential talent. Wonderful father.  Produces great things / reactions. 

Steve Layman - Anderson Layman's Blog - Brother from another mother. Heart, head, spirit, wisdom, humor, music, daily.   (He's so good, I gave him an extra word.)

Theodore Beale - Vox Populi - Do not provoke. Stratospheric intelligence. Just ask him.  Uber accomplished. 

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