Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Blogger is Falling Apart

I'm exploring the option to move Eclecticity to a Wordpress platform because the administration of this silly enterprise is breaking, it seems like daily, recently.

*   First, I was no longer allowed to tweek my original blogroll, "Eclecticity Demonstrated"  I am prevented from deleting broken links, closed blogs, changing URLs, anything.  If they are there they are staying there.  I cannot add nor subtract from that list.  Period.  Blogger forums have been of no use. You might wonder why I started an additional blogroll "Newer and Addons?"  That's why.

*  Posting and editing has become 10 times more tedious.  Where I used to navigate instantly in out out of posts to edit them, etc., it is no longer possible.  Broken.

*  Now I am having difficulty seeing buttons that I used to see and push regularly.  They appear to be slowing moving out of my reach.

*  I am receiving comment spam in amounts never experienced before

This is ridiculous and Google makes it virtually impossible to find anyone to help me with these (I suppose indosyncratic) Blogger issues.

Has anyone out there ever migrated their Blogger blog to Wordpress?  I'm about to surrender.

One concern I have in moving it the ease, or lack thereof, of changing my blog header regularly.  That Blogger does make simple, once it finally allowed me to after 3 or 4 years.  Maddening.

All for fun and amusement right?

File in your "Not my problem" category.  Thanks.


Ray V.. said...

Welcome home, son.

That being said, there have been lots of recent changes at Wordpress also..making it more difficult to enjoy my hobby. Because of dedication however, I muddle through the's for the readers.

Jeff said...

Hey E -

When I was hunting around for platforms, dissatisfied Bloggers steered me towards WordPress. So far, no major issues, no frustrations and if I have a problem, the forums have been extremely helpful.

If you can't find the answer on the forums, the techs usually respond quickly.

You can migrate the blog - but you have to be a bit geeky to get it done.

Why don't you drop a line to WordPress and get their opinion? I'm sure they'd be most glad to help...

- J.

The dashboard is fairly easy to navigate. The headers can be changed - you just have to conform to the size limits dictated by the theme that you choose.

And there are tons of themes to choose from.

It's never perfect - but I've never been tempted to abandon it...

Jeff said...

It also doesn't insert your signature in the middle of your comment that way Blogger just did! :)

Eclecticity said...

Thanks gents. I've read about the migration and it will test my geek/tech limits but I just may do it. E.

Anonymous said...

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