Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Putting The Fiscal Cliff Tax Hike In Perspective

Ouch!  It is like a little bug bit us.

President Obama said today that you can't cut your way to prosperity.  That may be mostly true for the private sector / business.  But it is ridiculous to say about the government.  As if growing government by raising taxes helps an economy grow.  So Mr. Obama, we can tax (from the citizenry) our way to prosperity?  Did this failed ideology really and truly win the day in November?  Suppose so.

This Federal Government is broke.  Both figuratively and literally.  They haven't passed a budget in over four years.  They just raised taxes and put off (for the umpteenth time) addressing federal spending -  and I'm talking the big tickets, SocSec, Medicare/Caid and "Defense."  No, I will call it The Military.

Our children and grandchildren will loath these "leaders" some day.  They failed in doing the necessary.  They have and will continue to fail them.  We live for today only and that's the way the world goes round.  What have I been thinking?  Why have I ever believed otherwise?

Another temporary soft landing off the cliff.  As a result there will be a higher one in the not-too-distant future.

In truth, I am willing to accept some pain and austerity if the country called on me to so as to put our fiscal house in order.  But politicians are loath to speak the painful truth to the ignorant fatsos that make up most of the citizenry here.  Yes, politicians fear their pitchforks, and they should, but the pitchforks are coming anyway.  Might as well get the ball rolling.

Link courtesy of Maggie's Farm.

This post channels Mencken, Morris Berman, and a little bit of Will Rogers.

Take that from E.; a legend in my own mind.  Forgive me, I am just so fed up with Schpleadership.

Bonus:  Just another frustrated blogger having a fantasy argument about it with the squishy David Brooks.

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Roger said...


Here goes. Blowing off steam should just be your first reaction. Our so-called leaders are not leading at all. Everyone knows the problem, but they are making decisions based on reasons other than doing what's best for the country. Anytime an elected leader, Congressman, Board of Director, etc., takes this path, the wrong decision is made and the organization suffers. John Kennedy had it right, "Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for the country." Our leaders, like too many of our citizens, are more worried about themselves, than the country. I too, like you, will give up something to restore the credibility the USA once had. and begin fixing it for our future generations.

It's a basic economic principle that if you spend more than you have, something not good is going to happen. It's already started and going to get worse. If we raise our debt ceiling in the next couple of months, you can start kissing something else of yours goodbye. Your American Dream will no longer be the Cream . There are currently a number of plans in place to take earned income from us. Only a small number know of these plans and seem to care. It is a very small percentage of our citizenship, which brings up a whole new issue; educating our young citizens on what's happening and going to happen to them and then convincing they should care. This will be tough, if not impossible. I generally compare this situation to the plight of an alcoholic. Only the alcoholic can turn his situation around and that is typically when he hits rock bottom. For our citizens, the equivalent might be a pay freeze, furlough, lay-off, increased cost of goods, homes foreclosed, unable to find a job, unable to pay off student loans, and so on. It's kind of funny, but everyone one of these "rock-bottom" reactions is tied to personal wealth. More importantly, what happens when your health is impacted. All of these examples create stress, which will have detrimental impact on the individual, family and friends. I think this is the effect we should fear and the economics is just the cause.

This country is going to hit "Rock Bottom" and it might be the only way to turn things around.

Thanks for the opportunity to Steam Clean,

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