Friday, March 01, 2013

Yahoo Changing To A...

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Bans Telecommuting
Even hot CEOs need to do something.

"you need to be in the office" culture.

I get it, new leaders need to make bold moves, show investors, show the board, that they are are doing something (anything!) as fast as they can to make an impact.

In appears to me to be a fairly neanderthal move on management's part.  Is it a move to control the uncontrollable?  Does something like this have to be an either / or decision?   What data are they using to make this change?  What happened to the mantra that "one size fits one" in a progressive company culture?

Maybe Yahoo has done a poor job of managing telecommuters?  Who knows?  But does a supposedly hi-tech internet firm really need coders on site in this day and age? Culture does not matter to them.  It never will.  They want to code, interact as little as possible.  Tell them what you want to see and let them code.  Do you have to look them in the eye to do that?  Many of those people are incapable of looking you in the eye.  That's their "culture."

McLeod's post tells about the kinds of real hardships that employees will face in returning to the mothership as they are required.  Many might say it's just not worth it to them.  This could be Yahoo's way of thinning the herd while it can boast that it's all about improving the culture.

That would be Leadership Schpleadership in action.

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