Thursday, April 04, 2013

Listen To The Story

Dr. John Cannell, blew the lid off of school test cheating nationwide in the 1980's and then...

nothing changed.  It's still happening. All 50 of our states say that they are above the national average in standardized test scores.

How can that be?  It can't be. Oh but they say they are.  They are still cheating!  

Listen to the story.  Fascinating and troubling.  Fascitroubling.

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Dan in Philly said...

It seems we have shifted to an outcome based educational system. Schools are judged based more and more on test scores (as far as I can tell this permeates all the way up to post-graduate). With such power incentives to cheat, it would be shocking if people didn't.

Ironically, as getting a real education becomes cheaper and easier (free online courses, more resources at the library, etc), getting a degree becomes less and less worthwhile.

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