Friday, April 19, 2013

Steely Dan - Don't Take Me Alive

From The Royal Scam, 1976

Perfect T.V. for a Friday night. What's going on in Washington? Some kind of vote?

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Agents of the law 
Luckless pedestrian 
I know you're out there 
With rage in your eyes and your megaphones 
Saying all is forgiven 
Mad dog surrender 
How can I answer 
A man of my mind can do anything 
I'm a bookkeeper's son 
I don't want to shoot no one 
Well I crossed my old man back in oregon 
Don't take me alive 
Got a case of dynamite 
I could hold out here all night 
Yes I crossed my old man back in oregon 
Don't take me alive 

Can you hear the evil crowd 
The lies and the laughter 
I hear my inside 
The mechanized hum of another world 
Where no sun is shining 
No red light flashing 
Here in this darkness 
I know what I've done 
I know all at once who I am 

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