Thursday, May 23, 2013

Donald McGuire - Convicted Sex Offender

Jesus spoke of wolves in sheep's clothing.  This would be one.

Defrocked Jesuit priest, Donald McGuire, who taught me at the University of San Francisco, (in a seminar on "The Greeks" ironically) cost the Chicago Jesuits almost $200,000,000 for covering up for him. 

Didn't quite work out for them it would appear. 

Interestingly, I attended school with Mr. McGuire's niece and two nephews.  One of McGuire's nephews became an attorney and later represented a couple of the plantiffs against his Uncle Don.  Good on 'em. 

Clearly sociopathic, Dandy Don declared his innocence throughout this ordeal.  Probably still does.

And he was not the only one.  There is an entire committee rooting for the fucker.

The owner of this blog is NOT a member of that committee.

I admit to being fascinated by this case.  I knew this guy.  I never revered him like many other student did.  He had his followers... He was dynamic, charismatic, a true and faithful orthodox priest of the Jesuit order and the Roman Catholic Church. (Sure, right.)  He never pulled anything on me, but were you to look at the documentation of the things he did and how he did them often using Catholic "Confession" of young men as a catalyst for abusing them, it is right and meet that this asshole will die in prison.

Many sordid details here. 

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bob said...

The denial is unreal. An assault on the Church and its priests? Makes it tough to get back on board. I think this is why John Paul should not only not be a saint he should be be regarded as a co-conspirator in the cover ups,Pope Benny and the Jets as well. I would like to know the names of the folks on his defense fund. One last thing,"Never pulled anything on me" is quite a turn of phrase

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